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Sandro Castro, 01.02.2015

" Ving Tsun Kuen Kuen Kuits, the „Essence“ of Ving Tsun Kung Fu Level Three – Theory "

Sifu Ulrich Stauner gives us a book plenty of theory in the level three of Gary Lam Ving Tsun . In this book , we will understand the more advanced aspects and principles of the Gary Lam Ving Tsun. Well written and well translated it was a real pleasure to red it.

But i think that more than that. In the volume three, Sifu Ulrich Stauner goes more on his personal thoughts about Ving tsun in general and not just about the Level Three . And that is what make this book really interesting. it's the mixing of personal thoughts and explanation of Ving tsun principles.

In addtion we have the Ving Tsun " Kuen Kuits " : Ving tsun " Rules of Conduct " written by Ip Man expained to us to further more understand the principles.

As an overal view , it's a really great book and I recommend it to everyone who is Interessed in The Gary Lam system and in Sifu Ulrich Stauner's way of teaching and explaning it.

Sandro Castro Level One in Gary Lam/Ulrich Stauner "Ving Tsun Kung Fu"

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