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Level Three

  1. 24 training skills (skills for one's own improvement)
  2. Fighting strategies
  3. Coaching techniques
  4. Baat jam do (form and applications)
  5. Spezial chi sao skills (5 Borrow and follow moves)
  6. Special control centerline skills (Breaking balance)
  7. 10 BJD moves - Knife against Knife
  8. 10 BJD moves - Knife against dragon pole
  9. Natural BJD - Fighting training
  10. Special footwork training
  11. Fighting theory

Even if it seems that this program doesn't include that much, it is to be said that this program is the longer, richer and most difficult to present of all three levels.

This program will only be teached privately by master Gary Lam himself. It can be shared by at least two level three students during his stay in Dachau. It would otherwise only be teached in Los Angeles in Sifu Gary's school.

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