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High Level - Ving Tsun Kung Fu, IP MAN's martial art in Dachau

High level self defence

As the first european level three, the higher level of Gary Lam Wing Chun, Sifu Uli Stauner installed in 1999 a place in the Brunngartenstrasse in Dachau, in which you can learn one of the best self-defense systems, Ving Tsun Kung Fu.
No fancy moves or fixed meaningless sequencies, but insteed of that, training that makes sence and usefull techniques from an efficient and fantastic self-defense system and traditionnal martial art with uncomparable logic. One works on technique, hitting power, structure, stability and many other fighting essentials.
The ''Ving Tsun Kung Fu – School Dachau'' is no place to sit at the bar and theorize. On a surface of only 150sqm, everything is available to study and transmit Ving tsun kung-fu. Equiped with everything that is therefore necessary, the ''Ving Tsun Kung Fu – School'' is the place for self-defense and Ving tsun kung-fu in Dachau, as well as for hundreds of students in Germany. But some of them also come from other countries like Austria, Switzerland and Portugal.
Sifu Ulrich Stauner is the writer of very interessant books about Ving Tsun and producer of many detailed and some very popular instructional DVDs that can be found in our shop and be really helpfull to students and other interested people. Therefore his school is most certainly a very good starting point for everything relating to ving tsun.
Every european master of Gary Lam Wing Chun lineage, like (in no particular order) Kemal Sancak, Evangelos Vasilakis, Peter Hufnagl, Martin Ehlen, Kurt Thum, Michael Choi , Frank Sänger and many others studied or were invited in this almost legendary place and every year this list continues to grow.
His large knowledge, his skills and his enormous experience in Ving Tsun was acquiered by Sifu Uli in over thirty five years (since 1979) through a lot of diligent work and endurance, as well as high financial costs which alloweded him to study under many renowned teachers like master Gary Lam (Los Angeles), which Sifu Uli still visits for a few weeks each year, Sibak Ng Chun Hong (seniorstudent von Wong Shun Leung, HongKong), which also gave a great seminar in Dachau, Sibak Wan Kam Leung (HongKong) and Master Clive Potter (England).
The experience of Sifu Uli in boxing, karate, taekwondo, muay thai and jiu jitsu before his ving tsun time and at the same time is also to be considered as very valuable for his students.
Who has and shows real interest in an unbelievable and legendary martial art and self-defense system is at the right place at the ''Ving Tsun School Dachau''. There are some very experienced and well formed Ving Tsun teacher and trainers to share their knowledge about this wonderfull martial art.

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