Man Sao Ulrich Stauner

Man sao is the searching hand. It serves as front line to take the first attacks of the opponent. The typical ving tsun guard position is man sao...

Fook Sao Ulrich Stauner

The fook sao is the forward controlling hand. Its appearance reminds a praying mantis.

Scheren Gaan Sao Ulrich Stauner

The scissors gaan sao is to be considered equally as defensive or offensive move. It protects the whole upper body from waist to head.

Wu Sao Ulrich Stauner

Wu sao will be described as protecting hand. It is the last line of defense in front of the body, before the attack reaches it.

Tan Sao Ulrich Stauner

The tan sao is described as a palm up hand. It is an attacking hand oriented forward.

Jum Sao Ulrich Stauner

What we describe as jum sao is the sinking elbow. This minimal move protects the under part of the upper body like belly and liver.

Jut Sao Ulrich Stauner

The jut sao is executed with the inner part of the wrist and serves as a preparation for further attacks like a punch or a fung hao.

Kwan Sao Ulrich Stauner

As kwan sao, we describe a move composed of a tan sao and a deep bong sao. It is a defensive as well as an offensive move.

Bong Sao Ulrich Stauner

The bong sao is a defensive helping hand. It serves to change from one side of the opponent to the other, respectively from the inside to the...

Pak Sao Ulrich Stauner

The pak sao is discribed as a slapping hand. It's one of the more widely used moves in ving tsun. This move is an excellent preparation for the...


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