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Seminar 2018 with Grandmaster Gary Lam

GM Gary Lam Wing Chun Kung Fu Weekend Seminar 9. und 10, Juni 2018
GM Gary Lam Wing Chun Kung Fu  28.Mai bis 22.Juni 2018 in Dachau

Am 9. und 10. Juni 2018, jeweils von 10 bis 16 Uhr, findet das Ving Tsun Wochenend-Seminar unter Grossmeister Gary Lam (aus Los Angeles, Kalifornien) in der TKD (Tae-Kwon-Do) Halle "Alte Römerstrasse 45" in Dachau statt.

GM Gary Lam Wing Chun Kung Fu 28.Mai bis 22.Juni 2018 in Dachau

Vier Wochen Gary Lam Intensiv - Training in Dachau / Germany

Wähle 1, 2, 3, od. 4 Wochen, je nachdem wieviel Zeit du investieren kannst.

Starte jetzt und beende nächstes Jahr mit einer "Outstanding Level One" Urkunde direkt aus den Händen von Wing Chun GM Gary Lam

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Announcement !

The worldwide known and high skilled awesome Grandmaster Gary Lam will be back in May (28. May until 22. June ) and June 2018.
Exclusiv in Dachau / Germany at Sifu Stauners School ( Dachau, Sudetenlandstr. 6 ). After a two Year rest he will teach his „level one and level two“ Curriculum for about four weeks.
Learn the Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Tse and Wooden Dummy , also a lot of Chi Sao incl. Ving Tsun lightning Hands in the Level one.
Learn the Outstanding Control Centerline, Chi Gerk, more Chi Sao, Fung Hao - Training, Breaking Powerpoints and the Luk Dim Poon Quan (Dragonpole) in Level two. (only if you got the Level one already )
The alternative Choice to become a Ving Tsun Instructor in the Gary Lam Wing Chun - System if you dont have the possibulity to travel to Grandmaster Gary Lams School in Los Angeles.
Maybe its the last Chance to get a Certificat directly from the personal Hands of our Sifu / Sigung Gary Lam here in Europe in that short Periode of four weeks.
Dont miss this outstanding Event.

Four weeks do a daily five hour - Training ( 10.00 – 16.00 ) with one of the best Ving Tsun – Teacher nowaday !

You will found the huge Programm at : „level“

For Registration and Infos about Details and Pricing, Hotels, Accomodation etc. contact only :

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