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Seminar 2018 with Grandmaster Gary Lam

Sifu Stauner und Grandmaster Gary Lam

Announcement !

The worldwide known and high skilled awesome Grandmaster Gary Lam will be back in May (28. May until 22. June ) and June 2018.
Exclusiv in Dachau / Germany at Sifu Stauners School ( Dachau, Sudetenlandstr. 6 ). After a two Year rest he will teach his „level one and level two“ Curriculum for about four weeks.
Learn the Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Tse and Wooden Dummy , also a lot of Chi Sao incl. Ving Tsun lightning Hands in the Level one.
Learn the Outstanding Control Centerline, Chi Gerk, more Chi Sao, Fung Hao - Training, Breaking Powerpoints and the Luk Dim Poon Quan (Dragonpole) in Level two. (only if you got the Level one already )
The alternative Choice to become a Ving Tsun Instructor in the Gary Lam Wing Chun - System if you dont have the possibulity to travel to Grandmaster Gary Lams School in Los Angeles.
Maybe its the last Chance to get a Certificat directly from the personal Hands of our Sifu / Sigung Gary Lam here in Europe in that short Periode of four weeks.
Dont miss this outstanding Event.

Four weeks do a daily five hour - Training ( 10.00 – 16.00 ) with one of the best Ving Tsun – Teacher nowaday !

You will found the huge Programm at : „level“

For Registration and Infos about Details and Pricing, Hotels, Accomodation etc. contact only :

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